The Church in Acts (CIA) Summer School 2013

새행전 여름 학교


Registration (등록) & Tuition Fee (수업료)


Student Name: ________ Grade (Fall 2013): _________ Age: ___________


Parents’ Names: (Father) _________ (Mother) ______________________


Emergency Contact Phone #: _____________ Name: _________________


Address: _____________________________________________________________________


Allergies/Medication: __________________________________________________


General Fee (수업료)


6 weeks


7 weeks


8 weeks



Extra Curricular Activity (예능 활동)

*1 Required; Once a week








Physical Education



Ride Fee (라이드)

One way (편도)

$ 200

Round trip (왕복)



Curriculum & Books (교재)


*Fees will vary because the students will go to Barnes and Noble to buy their own books on the first day

*공부 시작하는 첫째 날 개인적으로 구입합니다


Field Trips (야외 활동)


*Fees will vary for different field trips, which will be held every other week

*별도 청구합니다


Lunch & Snacks (식사 비용)


*No fee, but we ask that students with food allergies bring their own packed lunch

*식성이 예미한 학생은 도시락 싸오세요


Registration Fee